Asian Studies Association of Australia

Crises and Opportunities: Past, Present and Future.
Proceedings of the 18th Biennial Conference of the ASAA, 5 - 8 July 2010, held at the University of Adelaide, Australia

Elizabeth Morrell, School of International Studies, Flinders University
Michael D. Barr, School of International Studies, Flinders University

First published 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7258-1136-5

Table of Contents

1. About these Conference Proceedings
2. Editorial board
3. Acknowledgements
4. Suggested citation format for papers published in this online volume
5. Peer-reviewed ASAA 2010 conference papers (pdf format)

1. About these Conference Proceedings

The 18th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) was held at the University of Adelaide from 5 - 8 July 2010. The Conference theme was Crises and opportunities: past, present and future. 

In order to make the information and ideas presented at the conference promptly and widely available, participants in the conference were invited to submit written papers based on their presentation for inclusion in these refereed online conference proceedings.

Each paper submitted for consideration was peer-reviewed according to the requirements of the Australian Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).  That is, papers were sent to two scholars who were asked to provide a scholarly judgement on the paper’s suitability for publication. Because published conference papers should be a direct reflection of the presentation and subsequent discussion at the conference, papers were either accepted or rejected in the form in which they were submitted; there was no process of revision in response to comments by the referees.  In cases of conflicting or ambiguous referee reports, the paper was referred to a further referee and the editors made the final judgement on suitability for publication.  [top]

2. Editorial board

Papers presented in this volume have been accepted for publication by an editorial board.  The following persons, listed in alphabetical order, served on this board:

Michael Barr, Flinders University
Gerry Groot, University of Adelaide
Purnendra Jain, University of Adelaide
Peter Mayer, University of Adelaide
Elizabeth Morrell, Flinders University  [top]

3. Acknowledgements

The editors would like to thank the many anonymous scholars who responded promptly, willingly, and efficiently to their requests to referee papers, and to thank fellow members of the editorial board for their support.  Special thanks are due to Mack Wilson for initial online support, and to Ming Ting for his work in constructing this web publication. [top]

4. Suggested citation format for papers published in this online volume

Leaver, Richard. 2010. ‘Same bed, different nightmares: Stern Hu, the iron ore war, and Australia-China relations.’ In: Morrell, Elizabeth, and Michael D. Barr (eds). 2010. Crises and Opportunities: Proceedings of the 18th Biennial Conference of the ASAA, 2010, Adelaide, Australia. Canberra: Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) Inc and the University of Adelaide.  ISBN 978-0-7258-1136-5.  /ASAA2010/reviewed_papers/ [top]


5. Peer-reviewed ASAA 2010 conference papers (pdf format)

Responsibility for the content of each paper lies with its author(s).  The author(s) also retain copyright over text.  Papers appear on the Conference Proceedings website by permission of the authors.  Any paper may be downloaded for fair use under the Copyright Act (1954), its later amendments and other relevant legislation. 

Access to the papers is free of charge.

Papers are presented in alphabetical order by first author’s surname.  [top]

Table of Contents 


AuthorAffliationPaper Title


Aoki, NaomiUniversity of AdelaideTeaching Kanji to students from diverse language backgrounds in Australia
Arabestani, MehrdadUniversity of MalayaThe Mandaean identity challenge. From religious symbolism to secular policies
Asmorowati, SulikahUniversity of Melbourne Bureaucratic culture or citizen-oriented culture?  Bureaucracy, community and reform in the National Program for Community Empowerment in Surabaya, Indonesia


Bartsch, KatharineUniversity of AdelaideRe-orienting design pedagogy: preparing tertiary students for professional architectural practice in an increasingly globalising world
Broinowski, AlisonUniversity of WollongongThe Honbako is bare. What's become of Japan-Australia fiction?


Carmody, EmmaUniversity of AdelaideThe edge of the real: the poetics and politics of Hiroshi Teshigahara's The Woman in the Dunes
Chen, YangbinLa Trobe UniversityFlowers and thorns: the Uyghur minority youth's perceptions of the Han majority in China
Choi, SeoriUniversity of WollongongCrossing the border, carrying the weight of the nation
Coates, StephanieLa Trobe UniversityThe language of mobile phone novels: Japanese youth, media language and communicative practice
Cowan, NatashaFlinders UniversitySingapore online: hopes and limits for an independent online media
Creak, SimonAustralian National UniversityLanguage and the body: manual knowledge of physical culture in postcolonial Laos


Dales, LauraUniversity of Western AustraliaKonkatsu & the ideals of marriage
Dash, Kamala KantaMonash UniversityCounter terror policing and social cohesion in Delhi: the 2008 Batla House encounter
Desai, DaulatMonash UniversityThe rise of renewable energy (wind power) in  Maharashtra, India: is it sustainable?
Dibley, ArjunaAustralian National UniversityCriminal defamation and democracy in Indonesia: regulating or relegating free expression?


Enomoto, Kayoko University of AdelaidePromoting self-regulated learning: a feedback-based study skills action plan for students from diverse cultural, linguistic and disciplinary backgrounds


Friedlander, PeterLa Trobe UniversityRitual and reform in the Kabir Panth


Gabroussenko, TatianaAustralian National UniversityThe prodigal sons of socialism:  presentation of Russians in contemporary North Korean propaganda (literary sources)
Gil, JeffreyFlinders UniversityHow should applied linguistics respond to the rise of China?
Gomez, James Monash UniversitySocial media and opposition parties: networking for Singapore's general elections
Green, JulieMonash UniversityGuiding the protection of the displaced? A comparative study of Sri Lanka and Burma


Habib, BenjaminLa Trobe UniversityThe six party talks and institutional security in Northeast Asia: a grim forecast
Hardy, JohnAustralian National UniversityEnding ambivalence: Australian perspectives on stability in Asia
Harijanto, ChristianCurtin UniversityThe convergence of democracy, de-Islamization of formal politics, and shariah in post-1998 Indonesia
HariyadiUniversity of Western AustraliaIslamic popular culture and the new identity of Muslim youths.
Hartig, Falk Queensland University of TechnologyConfusion about Confucius Institutes. Soft power push or conspiracy? A case study of Confucius Institutes in Germany
Hasegawa, TakuyaTsukuba UniversityWhen district heads co-opt civil society organizations. Good practice, vigorous leadership and the help of donor agencies in Indonesia
Hassen, YasminMonash UniversityThe politics of identity and Australian Muslim Students' Associations: a preliminary survey of the literature
Hill, Douglas P.University of OtagoPolitics, capital and leisure in India: situating the port and multiplex in Kolkata


Ingram, CatherineUniversity of Melbourne A localized perspective on China's intangible cultural heritage: the case of Kam Big Song
Ishak, M Mustafa and Sani, M Azizuddin MUniversiti Utara MalaysiaMajor issues confronting intra-ASEAN relations: the ASEAN community and the neo-communitarianism agenda
Ismail, Shahril E Monash UniversityThe rise of Tony Fernandes and AirAsia in Malaysia


Jones, DavidDeakin UniversityGarden and landscape heritage. A crisis of tangible and intangible comprehension and curatorship.


Kao, Shih-ChiMacquarie UniversityMedia culture in Taiwan: the case of Taiwanese nationalism
Khan, ShamsulUniversity of South AustraliaTowards an Asian community: can the EU's path be travelled?
Khorana, Sukhmani University of AdelaideCrossover audiences in the aftermath of Slumdog Millionaire
Kumar, AtulMonash UniversityThe evolving doctrine of joint warfare in the USA and its effects on the military modernisation of China: Implications for India


Leaver, RichardFlinders UniversitySame bed, different nightmares: Stern Hu, the iron ore war, and Australia-China relations
Leibold, JamesLa Trobe UniversityThe Chongqing incident: the Han nationalist backlash against preferential minority education in China
Lovell, StefanLa Trobe UniversityLocal-level multiculturalism in Japan: Kobe municipal government and the Takatori Community Centre
Lundberg, David University of South AustraliaAsian integration models, Australia and the US


Mackie, VeraUniversity of WollongongThe cultural dimensions of human rights advocacy in the Asian region
Mayer, PeterUniversity of AdelaideAre there political patterns in community violence in India?
McLaren, Anne EUniversity of MelbourneHeritage, development and ethnoculture in the lower Yangzi delta
Merrington, LouiseAustralian National UniversityDebunking 'Chindia': Chinese and Indian strategic interests, foreign policy and the myth of the 'mutual rise'
Miao, WeiUniversity of SydneySheng Nv in contemporary urban China
Miller, JillIndependent ScholarPortraying old age as opportunity not crisis: self-help books for seniors


Nash, JoshuaUniversity of AdelaideOn Chintan
Nuryartono, Nunung and Sukontamarn, PatapornBogor Agricultural University and the University of AdelaideIslamic womens' organisations in Indonesia: characteristics, activities, and government funding


Parker, LynUniversity of Western AustraliaReligious tolerance and inter-faith education in Indonesia
Patil, TejaswiniUniversity of South AustraliaRacialised nationalism(s): understanding Hindu and Australian nationalism in relation to the Cronulla riots of 2005 and the Gujarat riots of 2002.
Peters, RobbieUniversity of SydneyMapping the pendatang: anti-terror as urban management in Indonesia
Pohlman, AnnieUniversity of QueenslandPreventing future mass atrocities in Indonesia: implementing the responsibility to protect within a culture of impunity
Pugsley, Peter  CUniversity of AdelaideTransnational media showdowns in China's Olympic year
Purba, Rasita EMonash UniversityDecentralization and public participation: learning from Indonesia


Quah, SharonUniversity of Sydney"Can't do without friends" - a study of the empowering experiences of divorcees through friendship and self


Rahmani, Negah Monash UniversityWomen and microfinance: an analysis of micro-credit programmes in Afghanistan - Literary Review
Rahmatunnisa, MudiyatiPadjadjaran University, BandungDecentralization and democratization in the post-Suharto era: lessons from Kota Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia
RaihaniUniversity of Western AustraliaReligion classes in Indonesia: translating policy into practice
Rathus, Joel and Purnendra JainUniversity of Adelaide Japan's policy fragmentation: the Japan-Australia FTA
Rawstron, KirstiUniversity of WollongongEquality vs difference: a case study of Japanese media representations of gender-specific provisions in labour legislation
Ricci, Roslyn JoyUniversity of AdelaideLin Yutang on the place of humour in a global society: 'crises and opportunities' past, present and future
Roberts, MichaelIndependent ScholarSymbolic Tamil incursions at cricket events


Sakai, MinakoUniversity of New South Wales at ADFAEthical self-improvement in everyday life: propagating the Islamic way of life in globalised Indonesia
Sani, M Azizuddin M and Zengeni, K TUniversity Utara MalaysiaDemocratisation in Malaysia: the impact of social media in the 2008 General Election
Seyler, VivienSouth Asia: Journal of South Asia StudiesThe process of publishing in academic journals
Shamshad, RizwanaMonash UniversitySettlers, refugees or infiltrators?  The trajectory of Bangladeshi discourse in Assam, India
Shao, ChunfenUniversity of SydneyGlobalization and social mobility: Chinese student immigrants in Japan
Shi, ChenxiaMonash UniversityRegulatory development of Chinese business associations
Shoesmith, DennisCharles Darwin UniversityDecentralisation and the central state in Timor-Leste
Singh, D S RanjitUniversiti Utara MalaysiaASEAN's odyssey of crises, achievements and visions, 1967-2010
Siriwadana, MahindaUniversity of New England, ArmidaleTrade between Australia and South Asia: prospects for a bilateral free trade agreement
Slater, MichaelMonash UniversityBeating up the news? The Indian media, sensationalism, and the attacks on Indian students in Australia


Takahashi, YuriUniversity of SydneyThe sun with the peacock'. The Thuriya newspaper and the origins of Burmese nationalist publishing
Tan, Vincent LKyoto Institute of TechnologyListing discrepancies: the confiscation and shipment of Japanese war record paintings
Tanu, Danau University of Western AustraliaNegotiating the global in a local setting: exploring cultural hierarchies in international schools in Indonesia
Tapsell, RossUniversity of WollongongNewspaper ownership and press freedom in Indonesia
Theingi, Hla and Myat MonAssumption University, BangkokThe potential contribution of return migrants in Burma's trade and investment liberalization strategy


Uzzaman, M AlmasMonash UniversityPolitical corruption and the Bangladesh customs system


Viviani, MargheritaUniversity of Western AustraliaChinese independent documentary films. What role in contemporary China?


Walker, DennisMonash UniversitySayfal-Islam Al-Sa'ud:  Imperialism and the history and personality of the Saudi Arabians
Ware, AnthonyDeakin UniversityHuman rights and the right to development: insights into the Myanmar government's response to  rights allegations
Ware, AnthonyDeakin UniversityContextualisation of international development principles to difficult contexts: a case study of Myanmar
Weigold, AuriolUniversity of CanberraMenzies and Nehru: a long foreign policy shadow?
Willmore, MichaelUniversity of AdelaideHear our song: struggles over freedom of speech, telecommunications access rights and political transformation in Nepal
Wright Webster, TracyUniversity of Western AustraliaIni masih bebas': romance, love and sex in popular youth events in Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Xiong, Ying University of SydneyConfucianism and the failure of Japanese pan-Asianism in Manchukuo: A study of Tachibana Shiraki's Sinology


Yamamoto, BeverleyOsaka UniversityInternational marriage in Japan. An exploration of intimacy, family and parenthood
Yang, Jinmei and Mahinda SiriwardanaUniversity of New England, ArmidaleThe evolution of Australian exchange rate strategies and Australia's capacity to maintain a strong floating-currency regime
Yasumoto, SeikoUniversity of SydneyDivergence of Japanese media texts: to an evolving regional hybridism
Yi, Sabrina HongUniversity of AdelaideThe evaluations of ecomuseum success: implications of international frameworks for assessment of Chinese ecomuseums
Yoneyama, ShokoUniversity of AdelaideSpirituality in life stories in postmodernising Japan


Zaw, Mee-MeeUniversity of Western AustraliaA youth friendly approach to teaching Dhamma in contemporary Burma